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Hydraulic parts of excavator hydraulic system and the function of each part


The hydraulic parts of the excavator include hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic oil cooler, main pump, main valve, PPC valve (operating handle), hydraulic safety locking lever, accumulator, solenoid valve, boom drop prevention valve, hydraulic motor, hydraulic Cylinders, hydraulic oil pipes, etc.
Talk about the function of each component
1. Hydraulic oil tank: store hydraulic oil, which contains a filter, which can filter hydraulic oil
2. Hydraulic oil cooler: to cool high temperature hydraulic oil to prevent internal unloading due to excessive oil temperature
3. Main pump: It is connected with the engine through splines to convert the rotational kinetic energy output by the engine into the hydraulic energy of high-pressure hydraulic oil, generally a plunger hydraulic pump
4. Main valve: The main hydraulic component moves the main valve spool according to the action of each PPC valve to distribute the high-pressure hydraulic oil generated by the main pump to each cylinder and motor. There will be additional relief valve, unloading valve and pressure compensation valve on the main valve to adjust the coordination of action and normal pressure in the system.
5. PPC valve: according to the magnitude of the joystick movement, the pilot oil pressure is allocated to the main valve spool to move the spool and generate action
6. Hydraulic locking lever: lock the hydraulic action, it cannot be ignited and acted when it is closed (also called safety locking lever)
7. Accumulator: There is high-pressure nitrogen in it, and the boom can be lowered by its own weight by operating the operating lever when the machine is stopped.
8. Solenoid valve: control each action according to the electronic signal given by the monitor.