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Excavator electrical system.


The electrical system of the excavator includes starting lines, power generation lines, lighting, instruments, and control circuits composed of sensors, pressure switches, and solenoid valves, as well as auxiliary circuits (such as air conditioners, radios, etc.). The starting motor is divided into 12V and 24V according to the different host, and the starting power is divided into 3kW, 3.7kW, 4.8kW, etc.

The power generation line mainly includes an alternator, a voltage regulator, a charging indicator light and a start switch.

In order to ensure safe, efficient, energy-saving and normal work, according to the needs, the electrical system of the excavator is equipped with various signal devices, such as oil temperature alarm, charging indicator light, oil pressure alarm, turn signal lights, etc., to warn the operator. In order to make the operator know the operation of the machine at any time, various instruments are installed in the cab, such as oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, hydraulic oil temperature gauge, water temperature gauge.

Modern imported excavators all use advanced electronic control devices, which are convenient for maintenance personnel to timely and accurately determine the fault location and repair in time when the excavator fails.