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Excavator hydraulic structure.


The main movements of the hydraulic excavator include walking of the whole machine, rotation of the turntable, lifting of the boom, retraction and retraction of the stick, and rotation of the bucket. Hydraulic system of excavator. The function of the hydraulic system is to convert the mechanical energy of the engine with oil as the medium, use the oil pump to convert it into hydraulic energy, transmit it to the oil cylinder, oil motor, etc., and then convert it into mechanical energy, and then transmit it to various execution machinery to realize various movements. The hydraulic system of hydraulic excavator commonly includes quantitative system, partial power variable system and total power variable system. Our country stipulates that if the single bucket hydraulic excavator weighs less than 8t, the quantitative system is adopted; if the machine weighs more than 32t, the variable system is adopted; if the machine weight is 8-32t, both quantitative and variable systems are available.

The full power variable system is the hydraulic system commonly used in hydraulic excavators at present, and the constant power variable double pump is usually used. Different models of hydraulic pumps use different constant power adjustment mechanisms.

The hydraulic system is mainly composed of an oil circuit system, a pilot control oil circuit system and a control system.