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Excavator cab to help you solve the cause of abnormal smoke exhaust?


The excavator cab manufacturer will explain to you what is the reason for the abnormal color of the vehicle exhaust? During the working process of the engine, the main components of normal combustion products should be carbon dioxide and a small amount of water vapor. If the engine in the excavator cab does not burn properly, the exhaust gas will be mixed with incompletely burned carbon particles, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and Lots of water vapor. From the smoke emitted, it can be seen where is the fault?

In addition, there are nitrogen oxides, etc. At this time, the color of the exhaust may turn black, blue or white, that is to say, the color of the exhaust smoke is abnormal. When the lubricating oil runs up the cylinder, the exhaust gas is blue, when the combustion is incomplete, the exhaust gas is black, and when the oil is mixed with water, the exhaust gas is white.

Excavator cab overheating and high temperature usually appear on the engine, transmission, drive axle main reducer, differential and brakes. Excavator cab transmission and drive axle are overheated, mostly caused by lack of lubricating oil, brake overheating, mostly caused by brake iron not returning, the above phenomenon can sometimes be directly reflected by the dashboard warning light, requiring the driver to drive Pay attention to observation, you can also test the surface temperature by hand.

The sudden change in the working condition of the excavator cab refers to the sudden abnormality of the working condition of the cab, which is a relatively common symptom of failure. , driving weakness; sudden braking failure or deviation during driving, or even failure, etc., the symptoms of this failure are obvious.

The excavator cab should provide convenient working conditions for the driver, provide comfortable riding conditions for the occupants, and protect them from vibration, noise, exhaust gas and the impact of external harsh weather when the excavator is running. Some structural measures and equipment also help to drive safely and mitigate the consequences of an accident. Has the excavator cab manufacturer solved this problem for you? All questions related to excavator vehicles can come to us, and many problems are to avoid the occurrence of danger.