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What are the common faults of loaders and the hazards they cause?


Construction machinery is generally more suitable for large-scale construction sites, and the price is generally more expensive. If there is a problem with the construction machinery purchased at a high price, the maintenance cost is generally higher. The loader is one of the commonly used construction machinery and equipment. Can you introduce the most likely faults and possible hazards of the loader?

1. The loader suddenly cannot work normally when it is working
It is also a relatively common problem for drivers and masters to suddenly fail to work normally when using loaders for construction, which will affect the normal construction progress. It may be that the engine suddenly stalls, the power is insufficient, or the steering is heavy. The problem should be stopped immediately to check, and find a professional loader maintenance manufacturer or a company that purchases a loader.

2. There is an abnormal sound when operating
Sometimes the driver will find an abnormal sound when operating the loader. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, such as engine failure, gearbox or torque converter, and hydraulic system problems. When there is an abnormal sound, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

3. Overheating phenomenon of loader

The phenomenon of overheating of the loader is more likely to occur in summer. The phenomenon of excessive temperature on the engine, variable box, brake and drive axle is more obvious. If the engine is overheated, there may be a problem with the cooling system of the loader. If it is not eliminated in time, serious problems such as sudden detonation may occur, because such problems must not be taken lightly.

4. There is leakage in the loader
The phenomenon of leakage is also a relatively common problem. Compared with other faults, this phenomenon is generally easier to observe. The problem of leakage may be the fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, etc. added in the loader. Once this kind of problem is found, the parts should be replaced as soon as possible to stop it in time.

5. The color of the smoke removed by the loader is not normal
During normal operation, the main components of the gas discharged by the loader are a small amount of water vapor and carbon dioxide. If the loader fails, especially if the engine has problems, there may be carbon particles, hydrogen oxide, carbon monoxide or a large amount of carbon particles in the discharged gas. of water vapor. The gas color will also be heavier.


6. The fuel or lubricating oil consumption of the loader is abnormal
If it is found that the fuel consumption of the loader is relatively large when using the loader for construction, the drivers and masters need to pay attention. There may be problems with the hydraulic transmission system and braking system of the loader, and they need to be checked carefully.

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