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Analysis of Excavator Parts Maintenance Guide


The reason why the excavator can come and go freely in various environments is due to the crawler. Therefore, we must pay attention to maintenance in daily use. Today, we will learn about some maintenance matters with the manufacturer of professional excavator accessories.


As an important part of the excavator walking device, the crawler allows the excavator to adapt to more working environments, and also protects the excavator guide wheel and driving wheel, resulting in greater wear and tear. However, some people Some people take a long time to replace the crawler, but it is very short. It is because of the poor maintenance of the crawler. Today, I will mainly share with you how to pay attention to the maintenance of the crawler.

1. The debris in the crawler should be removed in time: usually when the excavator is working, some debris will be rolled into the crawler, such as soil, stones, weeds, plastic bags, etc. If it is not cleaned frequently, these The debris will be compressed between the guide wheel, the drive wheel and the track with the continuous rotation of the track, causing the track to be continuously stretched. If things go on like this, the chain rail will eventually break because it can't bear the tension. If the debris falls into the chain rail, it will cause the guide wheel and the heavy wheel to be uncontrolled. At this time, the continuous track will be easily broken, and the wear of the four wheels will also be greatly increased.

2. Improper choice of walking route: Usually the working environment of the excavator is mostly uneven ground. If the driver walks freely when driving, he does not pay attention to the road surface, or often walks on the road with a slope of more than 30 degrees, and makes some observations. Very dazzling driving skills, such as inserting the bucket into the soil and relying on the telescopic force of the bucket arm to force the walking behavior will increase the wear of the machine. Such behavior will increase the pressure on a certain part of the track, which will cause wear and tear on the track for a long time. Increased lifespan decreased.

3. Improper selection of parking apron: Pay attention to the parking arrangement when stopping off work. Do not park at will because of the desire to get off work, which violates the safety operation specifications, especially on the parking apron that is not easy to place, the long-term uneven force , the track of excavator accessories is more likely to be pulled and broken.

In addition to the above precautions, it is also necessary to pay attention not to be stingy when it comes to butter. Only safe operation can be added