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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of various excavator accessories and efficient after-sales service. The main products are New solenoid valve 1017969 Solenoid valve. The company continues to expand the product scale and provide customers with one-stop service. We look forward to providing you with more support to win together. Welcome to inquire!

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Product Description

New solenoid valve 1017969 Solenoid valve      


 Product introduction

New solenoid valve 1017969 Solenoid valve Proportional solenoids are linear solenoids that exhibit a force proportional to current over a limited range. By adding a return spring to the application, a proportional electromagnet can become a positioning device whose position is proportional to the field current.


Product parameter(specification)


Proportional Solenoid Valve



Model Number



SY215 SY335 SY365

Quality Control

100% Inspection


Product feature and application

New solenoid valve 1017969 Solenoid valve Proportional solenoids have two ranges of travel: control travel (plunger position depends on applied current) and proximity travel (force depends on travel position). Most applications use only control strokes.


Product Details

1.New solenoid valve 1017969 Solenoid valve

2.Proportional hydraulic valves are able to control the opening to flow proportionally instead of gradually, as is the case for most standard hydraulic valves.

3.The simplest type of proportional hydraulic valve is a variable throttle controlled by a manual lever.

4. The solenoid valves must be compact to fit into a tight space

5.The solenoid valve materials must meet the required corrosion resistance

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