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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company integrating industry and trade of construction machinery parts, with complete testing equipment and strong technical force. The main products are MM409-67001 Fuel Stop Solenoid Flameout Switch S3L S4L K3E, the product range is complete, the quality is high, the price is reasonable, the design is fashionable, and the products are widely used in the construction industry and other industries. Cooperation is the beginning of a win-win situation.

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Product Description

MM409-67001 Fuel Stop Solenoid Flameout Switch S3L S4L K3E


Product introduction

MM409-67001 Fuel Stop Solenoid Flameout Switch S3L S4L K3E When the diesel engine is turned off, there is a coil in the solenoid valve that is the same as that of the generator. When the power is turned on, a magnetic force is generated to pull the shutdown switch back to the oil


Product parameter(specification)


 Hydraulic Pump Solenoid Valve

Part No

MM409-67001 / 30A87 - 00060 / 195 - 8411

Model Number

PC200 - 8mo



Quality Control

100% Inspection


Product feature and application

MM409-67001 Fuel Stop Solenoid Flameout Switch S3L S4L K3E When the power is off, there is no magnetic force. oil. After the flameout solenoid valve is used for a long time, the piston is easily blocked by dust and dirt and cannot move, and then there is a phenomenon that the flameout solenoid valve cannot be started or extinguished.


Product Details

1.MM409-67001 Fuel Stop Solenoid Flameout Switch S3L S4L K3E

2. The solenoid valve should be guaranteed to work normally within the fluctuation range of the power supply voltage of 15%-10% of the rated voltage;

3. After the solenoid valve is installed, there must be no reverse pressure difference in the pipeline. And it needs to be powered on several times to make it suitable for temperature before it can be officially put into use;

4. The pipeline should be thoroughly cleaned before installing the solenoid valve. The incoming medium should be free of impurities. Install filter before valve;

5. When the solenoid valve fails or is cleaned, in order to ensure the continuous operation of the system, a bypass device should be installed.


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