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Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional wholesaler of excavator engine parts and hydraulic parts. The main products are ME014600 Mitsubishi oil pump double filter element for 4D31, the company always adheres to "honesty, quality first, customer first, we sincerely cooperate with domestic and foreign merchants for win-win, common development, and create brilliant!

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Product Description

ME014600 Mitsubishi oil pump double filter element for 4D31

Product Introduction

ME014600 Mitsubishi oil pump double filter element for 4D31 The function of the oil pump is to pressurize the oil in the oil pan to the oil filter and various lubricating oil passages to lubricate the main moving parts of the engine and filter the oil.


Product Parameter(specification)


ExcavatorOil Pump

Part Number


Model Number





High Speed Steel



Brand Namel


Product Feature and Application

ME014600 Mitsubishi oil pump double filter element for 4D31 When the engine is working, the oil pump works continuously, so as to ensure the continuous circulation of the oil in the lubricating oil circuit. Under various engine operating conditions, the oil pump should ensure that sufficient lubricating oil is supplied. Since the speed of the oil pump is proportional to the engine speed, the oil pump has the worst oil supply capacity at low speeds. Therefore, the design should consider that the oil pump has sufficient oil supply at low speed


Product Details

1. Check the oil pipeline and joints for oil leakage. If there is no oil leak, you should take a break for other checks.

2. Check the viscosity of the oil.

3. Adjust the oil pressure. If oil pressure does not rise during adjustment, other aspects should be rechecked. The oil pressure adjustment method is shown in Figure

4. Check whether the oil copper pipe between the rocker arms is broken.

5. Check whether the suction cup oil inlet strainer is blocked. After all inspections are correct, remove the oil pump

Repair after disassembly.

6.ME014600 Mitsubishi oil pump double filter element for 4D31


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