• KWE5K-31/G24DB40KWE5K-31/G24DB40
  • KWE5K-31/G24DB40KWE5K-31/G24DB40


Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the supply of excavator accessories. The main products are KWE5K-31/G24DB40 Fuel Stop Solenoid Valve YN35V00020F1 Due to the excellent quality and the highest standard of service, our products have been sold To all over the world, we sincerely hope to establish a long-term friendly business relationship with you for a win-win situation!

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Product Description

KWE5K-31/G24DB40 Fuel Stop Solenoid Valve YN35V00020F1


Product introduction

KWE5K-31/G24DB40 Fuel Stop Solenoid Valve YN35V00020F1 When current flows through the coil, it attracts this movable plunger into the gap, completing the circuit. This plunger can then be connected to various mechanical parts, which in turn cause them to move in specific, defined directions. Depending on which end of the armature is connected to the solenoid, a push or pull motion occurs. Many times a spring is used to keep the plunger position set to open.


Product parameter(specification)


Solenoid Valve

Part Number


Model Number

 KWE5K - 31 / G24DB40


SK200 -3 SK200 - 5

Quality Control

100% Inspection


Product feature and application

KWE5K-31/G24DB40 Fuel Stop Solenoid Valve YN35V00020F1 A solenoid valve is an electromechanically operated valve. When a gap is left in the core design, the magnetic flux will flow around the path until it is stopped by the resulting split. The armature of the solenoid will fill the gap


Product Details

1.KWE5K-31/G24DB40 Fuel Stop Solenoid Valve YN35V00020F1

2.Guaranteed high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. The valve body is heat-treated to ensure the durability of the product.

4. The cartridge holes of the proportional valve and the switching valve are shared, and it is convenient to replace the circuit.

5. All products are strictly inspected to ensure that each product can work reliably.

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