• KWE5K-20/G24D12AKWE5K-20/G24D12A
  • KWE5K-20/G24D12AKWE5K-20/G24D12A


Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company integrating R&D and sales. The main products are KWE5K-20/G24D12A Protective Lock Solenoid Valve YN35V00005F1, our products sell well in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you for a long time on the basis of mutual benefit and common development.

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Product Description

KWE5K-20/G24D12A Protective Lock Solenoid Valve YN35V00005F1

Product introduction

KWE5K-20/G24D12A Protective Lock Solenoid Valve YN35V00005F1 Direct-acting valves require full power to operate the valve. Whether this position is normally open or normally closed depends on the application. In an energized normally closed valve, when the solenoid is retracted, the inlet pressure is released, allowing fluid to pass through the outlet. Solenoid coils are usually larger in direct-acting valves than in pilot-operated valves.


Product parameter(specification)


Proportional Solenoid Valve

Part Number


Model Number

 KWE5K - 20 / G24D12A


SK200 - 2 SK200 - 5

Quality Control

100% Inspection


Product feature and application

KWE5K-20/G24D12A Protective Lock Solenoid Valve YN35V00005F1 Solenoid valves in direct-acting valves open the valve magnetically by direct action, hence the name. The coil pushes and pulls the shaft and causes the seat to move. When there is no current, the spring coil returns to the default position


Product Details

1.KWE5K-20/G24D12A Protective Lock Solenoid Valve YN35V00005F1

2. Since it is a cartridge type, it is easy to install and remove, and it has excellent maintainability.

3. The cartridge holes of the proportional valve and the switching valve are shared, and it is convenient to replace the circuit.

4. Advanced manifacturing process and production technology

5. Made in China with very good quality

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