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Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in manufacturing and sales. The main products are K-G24LE4-22 Excavator hydraulic pump solenoid valve HD820. Our products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Turkey, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Syria, Vietnam and other countries and regions, and have won unanimous praise from customers with excellent quality and competitive prices

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Product Description

K-G24LE4-22 Excavator hydraulic pump solenoid valve HD820


Product Introduction

K-G24LE4-22 Excavator hydraulic pump solenoid valve HD820 Hydraulic solenoid valve is an electromagnetically controlled reversing valve used in hydraulic systems to open, close or change the direction of fluid flow. The valve works using a solenoid, which is an electrical coil wound around a ferromagnetic core in its center

Product Parameter(specification)


Hydraulic Pump Solenoid Valve

Part Number

K-G24LE4-22 609-74211201

Model Number

HD820 HD700 HD1023




100% new


6 month

Brand Namel


 Product Feature and Application

 K-G24LE4-22 Excavator hydraulic pump solenoid valve HD820 Solenoid valves are used to slide the spool inside the valve to open or close the port. Spools are cylindrical components that, depending on their position, function as valves by preventing or allowing liquid to flow through these ports.


Product Details

1. This is an important excavator part with excellent performance and long service life

2. Made with professional craftsmanship to provide stable performance and safe application

3. This is a commonly used excavator accessory that supports simple operation and is easy to replace

4. The action is fast, the power is small, and the shape is light.

5. K-G24LE4-22 Excavator hydraulic pump solenoid valve HD820

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