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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the largest excavator parts trading center in Guangzhou, China. The main products are JCB 3CX 4CX Backhoe Loader Hydraulic Pump 20/902900. We have a professional sales and technical team to provide pre-sales and after-sales services. Our advantage is the best service, high-quality products and the most competitive price. Our business philosophy is trust, excellence, innovation, harmony, welcome to establish a cooperative relationship with us.

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Product Description

JCB 3CX 4CX Backhoe Loader Hydraulic Pump 20/902900

Product Introduction

JCB 3CX 4CX Backhoe Loader Hydraulic Pump 20/902900 The hydraulic system of excavator is composed of some basic circuits and auxiliary circuits, including working circuit, pressure limiting circuit, unloading circuit, buffer circuit, throttle speed regulation and throttle speed limiting circuit, walking speed limiting circuit and pilot valve control circuit Wait

Product Parameter(specification)


Excavator Hydraulic Parts

Part No

20/902900 20/903100 20/912800 919/26300

Model Number




Quality Control

100% Inspection

Product feature and application

JCB 3CX 4CX Backhoe Loader Hydraulic Pump 20/902900 What Is the Function of Hydraulic Pumps? Hydraulic pumps are essential for hydraulic systems to work correctly. The pumps are responsible for pushing and moving the hydraulic fluid through the system. This movement is what converts mechanical energy and motion into fluid power.

Product Details

1 It has high transmission efficiency to give full play to the power and fuel economy of the engine.

2. The hydraulic system and hydraulic components have sufficient reliability under the action of large load changes and sharp vibration and impact.

3. Coordinate the light and vibration-resistant cooler to reduce the total heat generation of the system, so that the hydraulic oil temperature does not exceed 80 degrees or the temperature rise does not exceed 45 degrees when the main engine continues to work.

4.JCB 3CX 4CX Backhoe Loader Hydraulic Pump 20/902900

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