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Intake Pressure Sensor Suppliers

Guangzhou jianleshun machinery company is a factory of excavator parts and a supplier of Intake Pressure Sensor in China.Until now Company already gone 10 years in excavator part business ,We have long expericence and professional service in this business , Company specializing in CAT, KOMATSU ,HITACHI ,KOBECLO ,JCB, SUMITOMO ,YANMAR ,HYUNDAI ,DAEWOO....brand part.

Intake Pressure Sensor is a Wheatstone bridge in screen printing on a membrane. It is constructed from four resistors which are connected together to form a closed ring, with a voltage source in one diagonal and a voltage test device in the other. On one side of the membrane there is atmospheric vacuum, on the other side the vacuum from the intake pipe. The signal generated by the deformation of the membrane is conditioned by an evaluation electronic circuit and sent to the engine control unit. At rest, the membrane bends according to the outer air pressure. With the engine running, the negative pressure acts on the sensor membrane, influencing the resistance. Since the reference voltage is absolutely constant (5V), the output voltage changes in proportion to the resistance change. The sensor for air temperature is an NTC thermistor (negative temperature coefficient). The sensor resistance becomes smaller as the temperature rises. The input circuit of the electronics distributes the 5 V reference voltage between the sensor resistor and a fixed resistor, so that a voltage is obtained that is proportional to the resistance and hence to the temperature.

Intake Pressure Sensor Temperature stability can prolongs product life and ensures good performance.Low friction ensures high efficiency and long life design applied to various excavator brands.
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