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High Pressure Sensor Suppliers

Guangzhou Jianleshun Co., Ltd. is a China excavator parts manufacturer and High Pressure Sensor supplier. Professional production of High Pressure Sensor for more than 10 years. High Pressure Sensor are applied for measurement and control of dynamic combustion processes, for example in gas turbines and similar thermoacoustic applications. They accurately capture potentially dangerous pressure pulsations and vibrations in order to optimize system operation.

High Pressure Sensor is a piezoelectric sensor that is capable of measuring pressures at a constant temperature of up to 700°C. Working as a spring-mass system, typical applications include processes where dynamic pressure pulsations have to be measured and controlled. Thanks to the in-built PiezoStar crystal, a high-temperature pressure sensor withstands temperatures of up to 1000°C in the short term. Through differential technology and in-built acceleration compensation, low noise and high accuracy are achieved. An especially isolated hardline cable designed for very high temperatures connects the sensor with the charge amplifier.

High Pressure Sensor used in engineering machinery,including excavator and car. A high pressure sensor consists of a pressure-sensitive element which can determine the pressure being applied and components to convert the information into an output signal.

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