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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in construction machinery parts and equipment, integrating development, manufacturing and sales. The main products are H3V63DT Hydraulic Pump Gear Pump Spare Parts R140-7 Our products are sold to China and exported to more than ten countries and regions in the world. Our business philosophy is ''integrity-based, service-oriented''. For mutual benefit and common development, we are willing to cooperate with new and old customers hand in hand.

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Product Description

H3V63DT Hydraulic Pump Gear Pump Spare Parts R140-7


Product Introduction

H3V63DT Hydraulic Pump Gear Pump Spare Parts R140-7 Gear pumps work by closed movement in the form of two meshing gears rotating. The gear pump is driven by gears to provide power, and the gear pump is a quantitative pump, which is mostly used for low-precision medium and low pressure control. It is widely used in various low-voltage systems. Gear pumps have the lowest requirements for oil


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Excavator Hydraulic Parts

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Quality Control

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Product Feature and application

H3V63DT Hydraulic Pump Gear Pump Spare Parts R140-7 hey were generally used in low-pressure systems (pilot pumps) because of their low pressure. Now, gear pumps can have a pressure of about 25MPA, and are often used in machinery with low pressure requirements. The oil pulsation is large and cannot be variable. The advantage is that the self-priming performance is good.


Product Details

1. H3V63DT Hydraulic Pump Gear Pump Spare Parts R140-7

2. Easy to manufacture, low cost and low price

3. Small size

4. Good self-priming performance

5. Insensitive to oil pollution and reliable work.






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