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Excavator Seal Kits Suppliers

Guangzhou Jianleshun co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers and suppliers of excavator parts. We focus on excavator seal kits, throttle motors, turbochargers, solenoid valves and other accessories for 10 years, with strong technical support, excellent quality and service, products exported to more than 30 countries.

Excavator  seal kits are used to prevent leakage from the cylinders. Hydraulic Seals are able to withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures and transverse forces within the cylinder. The main function for Hydraulic Seals functions goes far beyond preventing fluid leakage.
Seals play an important role in hydraulic cylinders—they contain the fluid and prevent the leakage of fluid between components. They fall into two main categories: dynamic and static. Dynamic seals are used in between parts that are in relative motion. The seals for a rod sealing system protect the dynamic reciprocating motion for the piston rod and head. The dynamic reciprocating motion between the piston and cylinder bore is another area of a hydraulic cylinder that uses dynamic seals.

Excavator seals kits are resistant to ozone, chemical resistance, high and low pressure, friction resistance, and high-quality products are exported to overseas markets. Established friendly cooperation with kubota, Yuchai, Volvo, Daewoo, Kato and other brands.

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