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Excavator Hydraulic Parts Suppliers

Guangzhou Jianleshun Co., Ltd. is a Chinese excavator parts manufacturer and excavator hydraulic parts supplier. Professional production of high quality excavator hydraulic parts. Hydraulic parts include excavator oil pump, joystick handle bullet, joystick pilot valve, universal joint, signal valve and so on. Hydraulic parts are an indispensable part of excavator. 

Excavator hydraulic parts perform many functions of excavators. Oil pumps are mechanical devices used in engines to circulate oil to moving parts such as bearings, camshafts and pistons to avoid component wear; The control rod warhead is loaded into the joystick so that the joystick controls the flexible rotation of the excavator. The signal valve control valve is used to control the flow of fluid by changing the size of the flow channel according to the signal indication from the controller. This allows direct control of flow and, with it, process quantities such as pressure, temperature and liquid level.

Excavator hydraulic parts have a professional production line, and we in the technology, innovation, applicability of export standards. There are professional and technical personnel for customer service, we also have CE certification, product quality certification and so on.
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