• DE24-17W42-02FP041DE24-17W42-02FP041
  • DE24-17W42-02FP041DE24-17W42-02FP041
  • DE24-17W42-02FP041DE24-17W42-02FP041


Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the largest construction machinery parts in China. It is a construction machinery parts company integrating development and sales. The main products areDE24-17W42-02FP041 throttle motor for Zoomlion stepping motor, the company has been adhering to the (quality first, integrity first, customer first) business philosophy. It has good competition potential in the field of heavy machinery, and has a good reputation and reputation.

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Product Description

DE24-17W42-02FP041 throttle motor for Zoomlion stepping motor

Product Introduction

DE24-17W42-02FP041 throttle motor for Zoomlion stepping motor is an electronic control unit (ECU), which is an embedded system that uses software to determine the desired throttle position by calculating data measured by other sensors, including the accelerator pedal position sensor, engine speed sensor, vehicle speed sensor and cruise control switch. The electric motor is then used to open the throttle to the desired angle through a closed-loop control algorithm within the ECM.


Product Parameter(specification)


 Excavator Throttle Motor

Part No

DE24 - 17W42 - 02FP041

Model Number

CLG922D / CLG925D



Quality Control

100% Inspection


Product Feature and Application

DE24-17W42-02FP041 throttle motor for Zoomlion stepping motor The optimisation of the air supply will also ensure that harmful exhaust emissions are kept to an absolute minimum and drivability is maintained, regardless of the circumstances. Coupling the electronic throttle actuation to the adaptive cruise control, traction control, idle speed control and vehicle stability control systems also means finer control can be achieved.


Product Details

1. using the original imported positioner, durable and accurate;

2.The use of throttle actuation ensures that the engine only receives the correct amount of throttle opening for any give situation

3. The electric throttle controllers have less need for maintenance. Since all the complicated parts are now removed, there are fewer chances of wear and tear. This in addition also saves the maintenance cost and longer life and durability of the vehicle.

4.DE24-17W42-02FP041 throttle motor for Zoomlion stepping motor

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