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Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is located in the largest trading center of heavy equipment parts in Guangzhou, China. The main products are 7834-40-2000 Excavator Komatsu Throttle Motor We have a professional sales and technical team to provide pre-sale and after-sale service. Our advantage is the best service, high-quality products and the most competitive price. Our business philosophy is trust, excellence, innovation, harmony, welcome to establish a cooperative relationship with us.

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Product Description

7834-40-2000 Excavator Komatsu Throttle Motor


Product Introduction

7834-40-2000 Excavator Komatsu Throttle Motor There is no mechanical linkage between the accelerator pedal and the throttle valve with electronic throttle control. Instead, the position of the throttle valve (i.e., the amount of air in the engine) is fully controlled by the ETC software via the electric motor. But just opening or closing the throttle valve by sending a new signal to the electric motor is an open loop condition and leads to inaccurate control.


Product Parameter(specification)



 Excavator Throttle Motor

Part No

7834 - 40 - 2000

Model Number

PC200 - 6 / PC300 - 6



Quality Control

100% Inspection


Product Feature and Application

7834-40-2000 Excavator Komatsu Throttle Motor most if not all current ETC systems use closed loop feedback systems, such as PID control, whereby the ECU tells the throttle to open or close a certain amount. The throttle position sensor(s) are continually read and then the software makes appropriate adjustments to reach the desired amount of engine power.


Product Details

1. Strict craft, save time and energySafe and environmental protection, strong and durable

2.The use of throttle actuation ensures that the engine only receives the correct amount of throttle opening for any give situation

3.Temperature stability can prolongs product life and ensures good performanceLow friction ensures high efficiency and long life

4.Optimized design of the outer box sealing structure, and all use high-quality silicone sealing ring, improve the waterproof and dustproof ability;

5.7834-40-2000 Excavator Komatsu Throttle Motor


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