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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to providing a full range of construction machinery spare parts. We have many years of experience in product manufacturing and exporting. The main products are 723-40-92103 Excavator Main Control Relief Valve for PC200-8, high-quality products, reasonable prices, good brand image and perfect service. Quality first, reputation first, customer first. We are very happy to cooperate sincerely with friends at home and abroad. Please feel free to contact us.

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Product Description

723-40-92103 Excavator Main Control Relief Valve for PC200-8

Product Introduction

723-40-92103 Excavator Main Control Relief Valve for PC200-8 The main relief valve is installed on the main control valve, usually two. This valve sets the maximum pressure for the entire hydraulic system to work. When the system pressure exceeds the set pressure of the main gun, the main gun opens the oil return tank oil circuit to overflow the hydraulic oil back to the oil tank to protect the entire hydraulic system and avoid excessive oil circuit pressure.


Product Parameter(specification)


  Excavator Solenoid Valve

Part Number


Product number

PC200-8 PC220-8


Good Quality


100% new


Standard Size

Brand Namel



Product Feature and Application

723-40-92103 Excavator Main Control Relief Valve for PC200-8 A relief valve works by providing an excessively pressurized fluid an open path to tank with the goal of reducing work port pressure. As fluid pressure begins to rise, force from that pressure is applied to the bottom of the spool or poppet, similar to what occurs to the piston of a cylinder


Product Details

1.Standard product design

2. High quality material selection

3.100% Quality Inspection to Ensure High Peformance

4.Good Reliability&Durability,Long Service Life

5.723-40-92103 Excavator Main Control Relief Valve for PC200-8


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