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71Q6 - 21470

Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the wholesale and retail of construction machinery and accessories such as excavator accessories. The main products are71Q6 - 21470 PA66 Material Hydraulic Safety Lock, we enjoy the special advantage of supplying all mechanical parts with good quality and competitive price. We adhere to the tenet of "quality first, reputation first". We hope to establish a long-term friendly business relationship with your company.

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Product Description

71Q6 - 21470 PA66 Material Hydraulic Safety Lock


1.product introduction

71Q6 - 21470 PA66 Material Hydraulic Safety Lock Hydraulic lockHydraulic lock is a phenomenon that can occur on piston engines that have downward-pointing cylinders, that is, cylinders orientated such that the piston is moving down during the compression stroke. All radial engines have some cylinders that are pointing downwards and are, therefore, susceptible to hydraulic lock.


2.product parameter(specification)


Pilot Lock

Part No

71Q6 - 21470

Model Number

R - 9


Same as the photo


100% New

3.product feature and application

71Q6 - 21470 PA66 Material Hydraulic Safety Lock After a radial engine has been shut down for a period, oil may drain into the combustion chambers of the lower cylinders or accumulate in the lower intake pipes, ready to be drawn into the cylinders when the engine starts. As the piston approaches top dead centre (TDC) of the compression stroke (both valves are closed at this point), the oil, being incompressible, can stop the piston movement .


4.product details

1.71Q6 - 21470 PA66 Material Hydraulic Safety Lock 

2.Original components.
3.Using iron is more durable.
4. Easy to install.
5.Easy to use.

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