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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of excavator parts, the group to operate products are 6735-11-1812 Engine Cylinder Head Gasket for 6D102, our goal is to provide customers with good service, high-quality Product and on time delivery. Our products are all over the world, and the brand has a good international influence. We will always lead the fashion in China's sealing field and provide our customers with high-quality products, and we also look forward to your constructive comments.

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Product Description

6735-11-1812 Engine Cylinder Head Gasket for 6D102

Product Introduction

6735-11-1812 Engine Cylinder Head Gasket for 6D102The function is: sealing, which is an elastic sealing element placed between the cylinder block and the cylinder head. Since it is impossible to be absolutely flat between the cylinder block and the cylinder head, cylinder head gaskets are required to prevent high-pressure gas, lubricating oil and cooling water from escaping between them.


Product Parameter(specification)


 Excavator Seals

Part Number

6735-11-1812 / 3282805




As Photo Show


100% tested



Brand Namel


Product Feature and Application

6735-11-1812 Engine Cylinder Head Gasket for 6D102The primary job of these gaskets is to prevent debris from getting into the engine, maintain consistent internal pressure, and to keep fluids and other vital liquids inside the engine.


Product Details

1. It must have sufficient strength under high temperature and high pressure conditions, and it is not easy to be damaged.

2. It has a certain elasticity, can compensate for the unevenness of the contact surface, and has better sealing performance.

3. Heat resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.

4. Will not stick to the cylinder head or cylinder block and can be reused.

5.6735-11-1812 Engine Cylinder Head Gasket for 6D102


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