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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is an international trading company in China, located in the largest trading center of heavy equipment parts in Guangzhou, China. We have been in the international trade business for over 10 years. Our cooperative factory is the largest R&D, production, sales and service enterprise of excavator accessories in China, with a high-tech and professional team. We provide one-stop procurement of spare parts for heavy equipment. Our main products are6241K29900 Cylinder Head Gasket Engine Repair Kit , which can ensure the highest quality products, competitive prices and timely delivery. We look forward to establishing long-term mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with customers!

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Product Description

6241K29900 Cylinder Head Gasket Engine Repair Kit

Product Introduction

6241K29900 Cylinder Head Gasket Engine Repair KitThe engine overhaul kit includes accessories including one set of valve intake and exhaust, one set of piston rings, one set of 4 cylinder liners (if it is a 4-cylinder engine), two thrust pieces, and 4 pistons; the cooling system generally mainly includes Water pump (the pump blade is corroded or the water seal has water seepage), the upper and lower water pipes of the engine, the large circulation iron water pipe, the small circulation rubber pipe, the throttle water pipe (it must be replaced if it is aging and swollen); the fuel part generally mainly includes the upper and lower fuel injection nozzles Ring, gasoline filter; ignition part: if the high-voltage line is swollen or leaking, replace it, and fire the piston.


Product Parameter(specification)


   Excavator Spare Parts

Part Number







100% tested



Brand Namel


Product Feature and Application

6241K29900 Cylinder Head Gasket Engine Repair KitThe overhaul package includes cylinder gaskets and various oil seals, valve cover gaskets, valve oil seals, gaskets, etc.; the project generally mainly includes overhauling the engine, processing the cylinder head plane, clearing the water tank, grinding the valve, inserting the cylinder Sets, presses pistons, cleans oil circuits, maintains motors, and maintains generators.


Product Details

1. High security

2. Extend equipment life

3. Sturdy design and good reliability

4. Economical,practical.

5. 6241K29900 Cylinder Head Gasket Engine Repair Kit


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