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Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production, development and sales of a full range of excavator accessories. The main products are 523-00006 Throttle Motor Accelerator Motor for excavator DH220-5. Our company enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. We are looking for opportunities to meet all friends at home and abroad, and win-win cooperation. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you for a long time on the basis of mutual benefit and common development.

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Product Description

523-00006 Throttle Motor Accelerator Motor for excavator DH220-5

Product Introduction

523-00006 Throttle Motor Accelerator Motor for excavator DH220-5 The electronic throttle controllers greatly enhance the performance as compared to the usual mechanical throttle controllers. In addition, they also provide a smoother and easier experience for the users making it possible for the users to experience hassle-free driving. The electronic throttle controllers even ensure lesser chances of the vehicle going out of control and hence lesser chances of any accidents or mishaps.

Product Parameter(specification)


 Excavator Throttle Motor

Part No

523 - 00006

Model Number

DH220 - 5 / DH225 - 7



Quality Control

100% Inspection


Product Feature and Application

523-00006 Throttle Motor Accelerator Motor for excavator DH220-5 A throttle body is a butterfly valve located between the air intake filter and the intake manifold. It regulates how much air can go into the engine, based on driver input through the gas pedal. As more air flows into the engine, it injects more fuel, thus allowing for more power.


Product Details

1.Greater accuracy of data improves the driveability of the vehicle, which in turn provides better response and economy.

2.523-00006 Throttle Motor Accelerator Motor for excavator DH220-5

3.The vehicle’s on board electronic systems are able to control all of the engine’s operation with the exception of the amount of incoming air.

4.The use of throttle actuation ensures that the engine only receives the correct amount of throttle opening for any give situation

5.Optimized design of the outer box sealing structure, and all use high-quality silicone sealing ring, improve the waterproof and dustproof ability;

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