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4448394 Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit
  • 4448394 Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit4448394 Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit

4448394 Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit

Guangzhou Jianle Shun Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.has been engaged in construction machinery seals for 10 years ,has been focusing on the quality of products, is a focus on high quality 4448394 Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit production and sales and brand agent and technical support of the professional company.We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

4448394 Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit


1.product introduction

 4448394 Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit Buffer seals protect rod seals by reducing the magnitude of pressure peaks. Abrupt pressure peaks can occur by external forces acting on the piston rod, initiated by the fluid inside the cylinder and create higher fluid pressures in the cylinder. 

 These pressure peaks can be in excess of the system operating pressure. Buffer seals—in combination with rod seals—provide an effective rod sealing system for cylinders in heavy-duty applications at high temperatures and pressures.


2.product parameter(specification)

Model No.

ZAX110 - 1

Part Name




Product style

Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit


in Stock


3.product feature and application

 4448394 Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit act as a pressure barrier to keep the operating fluid inside the cylinder. They also provide a thin lubrication film on the piston rod that lubricates the rod seals and wiper seals. The lubricant also inhibits corrosion of the piston rod surface. However, the lubrication film must be thin enough so it returns internal to the cylinder during the return stroke. 

 Selecting profiles and materials for a rod sealing system is a complex task, considering all possible cylinder designs and application criteria. Rod and buffer seals come in many different profiles and in a wide range of materials, series, and sizes to perform under a variety of operating conditions and applications.


4.product details

1.Ozone and chemical resistance

2.High temperature resistance

3.Excellent weather resistance

4.4448394 Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit

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