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Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional excavator parts company. We are located in Guangzhou, the largest excavator parts wholesale market in China. Our main products are 3539678 DH220-5 Excavator DB58 Engine Parts Turbocharger. Our products are sent to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States Every corner of the company, "professionalism, integrity, brand" is our business philosophy. We warmly welcome customers from all over the world to inquire, we will wholeheartedly provide you with professional services to make you satisfied.

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Product Description

3539678 DH220-5 Excavator DB58 Engine Parts Turbocharger


Product Introduction

3539678 DH220-5 Excavator DB58 Engine Parts Turbocharger The turbocharger on a car applies a very similar principle to a piston engine. It uses the exhaust gas to drive a turbine. This spins an air compressor that pushes extra air (and oxygen) into the cylinders, allowing them to burn more fuel each second


Product Parameter(specification)


 Excavator turbocharger

Part Number

3539678 / 3539679

Product number

DH220-3 / 5 / 7




100% new

Body Material


Brand Namel



Product Feature and Application

3539678 DH220-5 Excavator DB58 Engine Parts Turbocharger It is the job of the turbocharger to compress more air flowing into the engine's cylinder. When air is compressed the oxygen molecules are packed closer together. This increase in air means that more fuel can be added for the same size naturally aspirated engine.


Product Details

1.Standard product design

2. High quality material selection

3.100% Quality Inspection to Ensure High Peformance

4.Good Reliability&Durability,Long Service Life

5.3539678 DH220-5 Excavator DB58 Engine Parts Turbocharger



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