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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating the distribution, development and retail of construction machinery spare parts. We are a professional manufacturer of replacement parts for excavators of many brands such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Kato, Daewoo, Hyundai, Kobelco, Volvo, etc. The main products are 300AA00101A Excavator solenoid valve coil for SANYI. We firmly believe that "uphold integrity and quality service" is the core driving concept of our company. We will always strive to share prosperity and profit with our customers.

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Product Description

300AA00101A Excavator solenoid valve coil for SANYI

Product Introduction

300AA00101A Excavator solenoid valve coil for SANYI A solenoid coil is a common electrical component that uses a wire that is tightly wrapped around a core, usually made of metal, to generate an electromagnetic field. When an electrical current is passed through the coil, the electromagnetic field that is created provides energy for linear motion. Solenoid coils are one of the simplest forms of linear actuation devices.


Product Parameter(specification)


 Excavator solenoid valve coil

Part Number


Model No.






100% New


Long Lifespan

Brand Namel


Product Feature and Application

300AA00101A Excavator solenoid valve coil for SANYI Solenoid valves are control units which, when electrically energized or de-energized, either shut off or allow fluid flow. The actuator takes the form of an electromagnet. When energized, a magnetic field builds up which pulls a plunger or pivoted armature against the action of a spring.


Product Details

1. High efficiency and long working life

2. Economical,practical,and easy to install

3.Quality as good as originals

4.300AA00101A Excavator solenoid valve coil for SANYI


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