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  • 250 - 7700250 - 7700
  • 250 - 7700250 - 7700
  • 250 - 7700250 - 7700
  • 250 - 7700250 - 7700

250 - 7700

Guangzhou Jian le shun is in the largest wholesale market in Guangzhou. Therefore, it has a convenient transportation and a beautiful environment. In the product 250 - 7700 Water Cooling TurboCharge has served as exports from Asia, the Middle East. Europe, USA and other countries and regions. Promote our corporate elves "unity, diligence, high efficiency, innovation", adhere to our policies "based on quality, enterprising, compelling, attractive grade brand." We shaped this gold opportunity to create bright future

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Product Description

250 - 7700 Water Cooling Turbocharge


1.product introduction

250 - 7700 Water Cooling Turbocharge A significant difference between a turbocharged diesel engine and a traditional naturally aspirated gasoline engine is the air entering a diesel engine is compressed before the fuel is injected. This is where the turbocharger is critical to the power output and efficiency of the diesel engine.


2.product parameter(specification)

Model No.


Part Name

250-7700, 10R2969, 10R2858, 2507700




100% tested


made in china


3.product feature and application

250 - 7700 Water Cooling TurboCharge work to compress more air into the engine cylinder. When the air is compressed, the oxygen molecule is closer together. This increase in air means adding more fuel to the same size natural intake engine. Therefore, the engine size can be reduced, used for turbocharged engines, resulting in better packaging, weight effect, and overall improving fuel economy.


4.product details

1.250 - 7700 Water Cooling TurboCharge

2Reducing bearing frictional losses, e.g., using a foil bearing rather than a conventional oil bearing
3.Using variable-nozzle or twin-scroll turbochargers
4.Decreasing the volume of the upper-deck piping
5.Using multiple turbochargers sequentially or in parallel

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