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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company with 12 years of experience in the after-sales market of construction machinery, integrating the production, procurement and sales of high-quality parts and components. The main products are 245-4630 Engine Timing GP Speed Sensor for E330C E336D We have our own factory and R&D team. A number of domestic OEM manufacturers assist in the processing of customized products for domestic and foreign customers. Jiandushun is a team of skilled engineers and professionals. We can ensure the best quality, competitive price and prompt delivery

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Product Description

245-4630 Engine Timing GP Speed Sensor for E330C E336D

Product introduction

245-4630 Engine Timing GP Speed Sensor for E330C E336D Pressure sensors are used for control and monitoring in thousands of everyday applications. Pressure sensors can also be used to indirectly measure other variables such as fluid/gas flow, speed, water level, and altitude. Pressure sensors can alternatively be called pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, pressure senders, pressure indicators, piezometers and manometers, among other names

Product parameter(specification)


Excavator Hydraulic Sensor

Part No

245 - 4630

Model Number

E330C E336D


Cast Iron

Quality Control

100% Inspection

Product feature and application

245-4630 Engine Timing GP Speed Sensor for E330C E336D A speed/timing sensor measures the rotation of a component to determine its physical rotational speed. When it is monitored, it can be used to determine the correct air/fuel mixture, the spark advance, and variable valve timing for your engine.

Product Details

1.245-4630 Engine Timing GP Speed Sensor for E330C E336D

2.reliable operation,
3.simple structure
4.high signal to noise ratio
5.high sensitivity and wide signal bandwidth

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