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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is focused on the development and sales of excavator accessories. The main products are 239-3478 High performance oil pressure sensor, which are exported to all over the world with high quality products, with high quality, best service and factory prices. Gain the trust of customers and maintain long-term cooperation.

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Product Description

239-3478 High performance oil pressure sensor 


Product introduction

239-3478 High performance oil pressure sensor It is a sensor for measuring liquid and gas pressure. Similar to other sensors, pressure sensors convert pressure into electrical signal output when they work. Pressure sensors are widely used in many monitoring and control applications. In addition to direct pressure measurement, pressure sensors can also be used to indirectly measure other quantities


Product parameter(specification)


  Excavator Pressure Sensor

Part No

239 - 3478

Model Number

C11 C12 C13 C15 C18 E345 E349



Quality Control

100% Inspection



Product feature and application

239-3478 High performance oil pressure sensor The pressure sensor detects the pressure and can determine the amount of pressure by measuring the electric charge.Pressure sensors need to be calibrated so it knows what voltage or milliamp (mA) signal corresponds to what pressure. This is a basic“Zero”and“Span”calibration or minimum and maximum which is a common job for maintenance personnel.


Product Details

1.Strict craft, save time and energy

2.Safe and environmental protection, strong and durable

3.Long term use of no rust, comfortable handle

4.239-3478 High performance oil pressure sensor 

5.Temperature stability can prolongs product life and ensures good performance

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