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Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the manufacture, development and sales of excavator accessories. After years of development and innovation, we have the ability to sell thousands of excavator accessories. The main products are 21EN-32340 Standard Size Excavator Accelerator Motor for R225-9, a complete range of products, quality assurance. We adhere to the principle of seeking development with quality and providing satisfactory service better than products, and we sincerely hope to cooperate with you to establish a stronger business relationship

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Product Description

21EN-32340 Standard Size Excavator Accelerator Motor for R225-9


Product Introduction

21EN-32340 Standard Size Excavator Accelerator Motor for R225-9,The e-throttle controller connects the pedal of the accelerator to the throttle that is present. It replaces the haste of the mechanical linkage that is present in the car. This fastens the car and helps the individual to drive the car in an easier way. However, this electronic throttle controller has some limitations to itself.


Product Parameter(specification)


 Excavator Throttle Motor

Part No

21EN - 32340

Model Number

R225 - 9 / R265 - 9



Quality Control

100% Inspection


Product feature and application

21EN-32340 Standard Size Excavator Accelerator Motor for R225-9, A throttle controller is basically a device that that is responsible for catching the signal between the accelerator pedal and the engine management. It is also known as a booster throttle controller. This is done on a fly by wire throttle. It takes the signal from the pedal and facilitates a modified signal to the engine management.


Product Details

1.Connecting plug: throttle motor plug into the excavator.

2.Start excavator: Put the throttle knob to the maximum and operating the operation lever, to make excavator found the highest oil level.

3.Adjust screw position: Put the throttle motor cable screw set position, set the cable joint on the swing arm of the pump.

4.21EN-32340 Standard Size Excavator Accelerator Motor for R225-9


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