• 1751-12A6U1B1S51751-12A6U1B1S5
  • 1751-12A6U1B1S51751-12A6U1B1S5
  • 1751-12A6U1B1S51751-12A6U1B1S5


Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of excavator accessories. The main products are 1751-12A6U1B1S5 Diesel Engine Stop Solenoid for Kubota, our market is mainly concentrated in overseas countries, such as South America, America, Europe, Africa, Middle East. Under the internationalization strategy, we meet the needs of customers with a small amount of various sales methods and fast service.

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Product Description

1751-12A6U1B1S5 Diesel Engine Stop Solenoid for Kubota

Product Introduction

1751-12A6U1B1S5 Diesel Engine Stop Solenoid for Kubota The flameout solenoid has the same coil as the generator. When the power is turned on, a magnetic force is generated to pull the kill switch back into the oil. When powered off, there is no magnetism. The flameout solenoid valve has been used for a long time, and the piston is easily blocked by dust and dirt and cannot move, and the flameout solenoid valve cannot be activated or extinguished.

Product Parameter(specification)


Hydraulic Pump Solenoid Valve

Part No

1751-12A6U1B1S5 1751-24A6U1B1S5

Model Number

SA - 4259



Quality Control

100% Inspection

Product feature and application

1751-12A6U1B1S5 Diesel Engine Stop Solenoid for Kubota The fire solenoid valve can be used to ensure that the engine is forced to turn off when running without oil or when the oil pressure is low, thereby protecting the engine from damage. NOTE: If the engine is stopped, there must be no oil pressure. At this time, the flameout solenoid valve does not work even if it is energized. The working delay of the flameout solenoid valve is about 30 seconds.

Product Details

1. Before installing the flameout solenoid valve, carefully check the mains power supply circuit to make sure the fuse, the mains switch is connected normally, and whether the voltage output of the mains switch is above 24V; if there is any abnormality, be sure to check it!

2. Check the wiring of the flameout solenoid valve. Generally, there are three lines of black, white and red. The black line is the common terminal. Before wiring, check whether the wire voltage is above 24V;

3.1751-12A6U1B1S5 Diesel Engine Stop Solenoid for Kubota

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