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Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional development and sales company. The main products are 132-7786 Excavator throttle motor assembly for CAT307. The company adheres to the concept of "hand in hand, win-win cooperation" and insists on providing customers with high-quality products and services. In the future, we will continue to innovate, improve our products and services, and provide customers with more professional products and services! We look forward to establishing good cooperative relations with customers in the global construction machinery industry for mutual benefit and common development. Welcome to consult!

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Product Description

132-7786 Excavator throttle motor assembly for CAT307


Product Introduction

132-7786 Excavator throttle motor assembly for CAT307Excavator throttle motor self-learning control device, including main controller, monitoring instrument, throttle knob, throttle motor, engine, speed sensor, GPS vehicle terminal, monitoring center, monitoring instrument, GPS vehicle terminal are respectively electrically connected with the main controller and the accelerator The knob is electrically connected to the main controller, the accelerator motor is electrically connected to the main controller, the throttle motor flexible shaft cable is mechanically connected to the engine throttle lever, the rotational speed sensor is electrically connected to the main controller, and the GPS vehicle terminal is connected to the monitoring center through the GPRS wireless network


Product Parameter(specification)


 Hydraulic Pump Solenoid Valve

Part Number

102-8007 191-6840 132-7786

Model No.

E307 E308B




100% tested

Voltage (V)


Brand Namel


 Product Feature and Application

132-7786 Excavator throttle motor assembly for CAT307The main controller detects the actual speed of the engine in real time and compares it with the target speed stored in the main controller. When the difference is greater than the set value, the main controller reminds the user to relearn the throttle motor. The beneficial effect is to avoid the situation in which the reduction of the rotational speed leads to the reduction of the engine power and the deterioration of the fuel economy; thus, the economic loss of the user is reduced.


Product Details

1.132-7786 Excavator throttle motor assembly for CAT307

2.High efficiency

3.Long service life under extreme conditions

4.High radial and axial bearing capacity

5.Suitable for a variety of hydraulic fluid



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