127410 - 21480
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  • 127410 - 21480127410 - 21480
  • 127410 - 21480127410 - 21480
  • 127410 - 21480127410 - 21480

127410 - 21480

Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional foreign trade company engaged in machinery manufacturing in China. We can provide a full range of excavator replacement parts. The main products are127410 - 21480 Gear Flywheel Ring Width 39.2inch, to provide customers with high-quality products and good service is the belief we have been pursuing. We hope to have the opportunity to have a long-term win-win cooperation with you.

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Product Description

127410 - 21480 Gear Flywheel Ring Width 39.2inch


1.Product Introduction

127410 - 21480 Gear Flywheel Ring Width 39.2inch Flywheels are often used to provide continuous power output in systems with discontinuous energy sources. For example, flywheels are used to smooth out rapid angular velocity fluctuations of the crankshaft in reciprocating engines. In this case, the crankshaft flywheel stores energy as the firing piston applies torque and returns it to the piston to compress fresh air and fuel.


2.ProductParameter (Specification)



Part No

127410 - 21480

Item Width



100% tested




3.Product Feature And Application

127410 - 21480 Gear Flywheel Ring Width 39.2inch A flywheel is a mechanical device which uses the conservation of angular momentum to store rotational energy; a form of kinetic energy proportional to the product of its moment of inertia and the square of its rotational speed.


4.Product Details

1127410 - 21480 Gear Flywheel Ring Width 39.2inch 
2. Delivering energy at rates beyond the ability of an energy source.   
3. Controlling the orientation of a mechanical system, gyroscope and reaction wheel 
4. The lumped moments of inertia of spokes, hub and shaft may be estimated as a percentage of the flywheel's moment of inertia. 

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