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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the procurement and sales of excavator accessories. We pay great attention to the material and production process of the products. The main products are124507 Flywheel Ring Gear Ring For Cummins. We carefully select and pack each product , to ensure that all products meet the standards and satisfaction of each customer.

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Product Description

124507 Flywheel Ring Gear Ring For Cummins


1.Product Introduction

 124507 Flywheel Ring Gear Ring For Cummins Engines with manual transmission usually have a heavy flywheel, typically 5 to 40 kg of cast iron, with the starter ring gear shrunk onto the outside. This is done by heating the ring to around 200 °C to expand the ring which is then rapidly placed onto the flywheel, often held in firmly against a location shoulder until coolin in calm air . 

 The interference fit between ring gear inside dia. and flywheel, usually ranging from 0.20mm to 0.50mm, renders the starter ring firmly attached to the flywheel. 


2.ProductParameter (Specification)



Part No



Flywheel Ring Gear


100% tested




3.Product Feature And Application

 124507 Flywheel Ring Gear Ring For CumminsThe flywheel device consists of two serrated, spring-loaded disks with toothed sides that press against each other, sort of like ratchets. When rotating in one direction, the serrated teeth of the driving disk lock with the teeth of the driven disk, so that it rotates at the same speed. 

 If the drive disc slows down or stops rotating, the teeth of the driven disc slide through the drive disc teeth and continue to rotate, producing a characteristic clicking sound proportional to the speed difference between the driven gear and the (slower) drive gear. 


4.Product Details

1.Adopting Cummins updated product design, optimized material selection, advanced manufacturing process and production technology.

2.All are in the line with the Cummins global standards.

3.By long time testing, the parts has been proved to be the excellent with longer duration, higher quality, more reliable performance and lower maintenance cost.

4.124507 Flywheel Ring Gear Ring For Cummins

1) Parts from the original diesel engine manufacturer and supplier.

2) The best service and prompt reply.

3) Quality supply chain, providing Cummins with a full range of ccec dcec xcec

1.It provides rotational inertia to keep the engine in motion

2.It balances the crankshaft

3.It helps start the engine

4.It connects to transfer power from the engine to the transmission (along with the clutch)


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