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Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the manufacture, development and sales of excavator accessories. Our company has a wide range of products, the main products are 1017628 24V Control Valve Solenoid Valve, we can provide customers with competitive ex-factory prices and customized services. We always adhere to our principles to innovate and update our products. Our customers can enjoy stable and high-quality products and excellent after-sales service.

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Product Description

101762824V Control Valve Solenoid Valve       


Product introduction

1017628 24V Control Valve Solenoid Valve Proportional solenoid valves are used to regulate fluid flow by changing the position of the valve plunger. Flow regulation is most commonly used to control pressure, level, and temperature. Other process variables, such as pH, conductivity, and humidity, are also affected by flow rate


Product parameter(specification)


Proportional Solenoid Valve



Model Number



SY215 SY235 SY335

Quality Control

100% Inspection


Product feature and application

1017628 24V Control Valve Solenoid Valve When the coil is energized, the plunger rises and pushes the spring force to open the valve. In the absence of power, the plunger is pushed against the valve seat by spring force to close the valve outlet. In contrast to standard direct acting solenoids, the plunger position of a proportional solenoid valve can be controlled over a range of stroke positions by varying the power supplied to the solenoid coil.


Product Details

1.1017628 24V Control Valve Solenoid Valve 

2.The solenoid valves must be able to cope with both high and low temperatures

3. The solenoid valve materials and material combinations must meet the quality requirements on-site

4.The solenoid valve materials must meet the required corrosion resistance

5.Fast delivery with good price

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