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Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company specializing in excavator parts and components. One of our main products is 0928400632 Excavator fuel pressure metering valve, which has competitive price and stable quality, and is exported to the Middle East, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

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Product Description

0928400632 Excavator fuel pressure metering valve

Product introduction

The fuel metering unit is also known as the feed metering proportional valve. It is installed at the inlet of the high-pressure fuel pump, and is used to adjust the fuel supply amount and fuel pressure value, and is controlled by the ECU computer.


Product parameter(specification)


 Excavator Hydraulic Parts

Part Number






Quality Control

100% Inspection

Product feature and application

0928400632 Excavator fuel pressure metering valve Fuel metering units are precision components. If the filter element is not properly maintained or of poor quality, it will often lead to excessive moisture or impurities in the fuel, which will cause the fuel metering spool to wear or become stuck, resulting in the engine not working properly


Product Details

1.Small size, can be installed in narrow space.

2.100% Quality Inspection to Ensure High Peformance

3.Good Reliability&Durability,Long Service Life

4.Standard product design

5.0928400632 Excavator fuel pressure metering valve


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